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Domain the Trading Card Game

Welcome to Domain! Domain is the ultimate tactical collectible card game. This is the alpha version. Please play the tutorial and then sign up (page bottom). You can also click the play button below to play a bot in single player mode without signing up (UNLESS YOU ARE ON A MOBILE PHONE). To get new cards you must sign up however. The tutorial is STRONGLY recommended before playing. The tutorial and game modes are not ready for mobile phones yet.


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Domain integrates board movements (like chess), card combos, and deck crafting to constantly create new situations where players must adapt to win. While Domain is comparable to Hearthstone or Magic, those games can suffer from stale metas. A few dominant decks can emerge in those games and players must copy those to stay competitive. In Domain, there are 100 unique cards, with unique abilites, and unique board movements. Players must leverage these different aspects to crush their foes! The more skilled player will usually win, not the player who just has better cards. You can hop into multiplayer below without signing up (UNLESS YOU ARE ON A MOBILE PHONE as that is not supported yet).

Early Access: This is an early access release. It is fully playable but needs gameplay testing (and balancing). If you would like to support this game, sign up and buy cards. Note that you may play without ever spending a single cent and you can get cards simply by playing games. Please go to the forum section of the website to offer any and all feedback.

Location Gaming: In the future Domain will let players conquer real world territory. Real world locations will correspond to in-game property. For example, let's say you are in a coffee shop. The shop has geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude). These coordinates correspond to a location in the game world. While you are physically in the shop, you can log into this website and play a local tournament against other players in the same area. The winner claims the territory and may guard it or have an AI bot protect it instead. The owner of the territory will receive rewards as long as they own it. While some programming has been done for the location features it is not complete currently.

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